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Discovering our true nature together

Seminar Guardian of the Earth

Starting this summer 2022, we will be offering seminars here on our family estate on the topic: GUARDIAN OF THE EARTH.

We create a space that will bring you completely to yourself and your strength. Nature is so close and you are right in the middle of it. You will experience yourself in highs and lows. And all this is you. You are strong and have the power to decide. Be aware of what you want in life, so that you can courageously pursue your life. We will guide you in a friendly way on your way to self-responsibility.

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Seminars in the Stone Nest


Seminar Guardian of the Earth

21-28 August 2022


Theme of the seminar:

- Reviving the capacity we bring with us as guardians and keepers of the earth.

- Experiencing limits in a protected space in nature.

- Overcoming our own fears and finding a way back to basic trust.

- Rediscovering one's very own nature.


What activities do we offer?

- Groups and individual conversations in a loving atmosphere - "I open up".

- Making music and singing together

- Introduction to the silence of nature (meditation) and feeling the unity consciousness

- Hiking, climbing, caving and climbing mountains

- Collecting and using herbs

- Spending the night outdoors under the stars

- Creative projects (clay building, working with wood and stones, building bows, felting, etc.)

- Reality control on our stone circle


All activities can but do not have to be part of the seminar. The course of the seminar depends on you, what you bring with you and what you want to experience.


Who: For all adult people who are interested in our offer.


Place: With us in the Steinnest


Accommodation: In our earth houses, in a camping trailer or in a house tent (depending on the number of participants).


Meals: Vegetarian or, if desired, vegan organic full board. We cook together in our communal kitchen.


Arrival: By plane (Toulouse - transport to the Stone Nest possible) , train (Boussens) or by car, bike, horse or on foot.


Energy compensation: We leave it up to our participants to decide for themselves what the time with us was worth to them and what they can and want to give.



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